Who We Are

High Desert Window Maintenance is a local business founded by me, Tommy Kotlicki, with a vision of efficiency and integrity. Our Passion is the physical challenge and problem solving of cleaning hard-to-reach areas effectively. Whether you need your windows, gutters, or even the exterior of your building cleaned, we are here to provide knowledgeable, exceptional service.

About me

In 2022 my wife, Ryann, and I, along with our two children decided to move to beautiful Boise, Idaho to embark on a new journey. Moving to Idaho from Washington was quite a big step for us as we have been in Washington for most of our lives. We wanted to explore the joys that Idaho has to offer, the kind people and their close-knit communities, the amazing weather, as well as the opportunity for growth.
I have been cleaning windows since 2010. I got into window cleaning on a whim just by searching for a job online. I saw a post for “high-rise window cleaning” and I figured it sounded interesting. I knew I would be comfortable with the heights and my initial thought was, how hard could it be to clean some windows? Oh, was I ever so wrong… Believe it or not, the hardest part of high-rise window cleaning is actually getting the window clean! It took me roughly a year to get dialed in and become efficient. Since then, I have not stopped learning. I love figuring out how to work in tricky situations and I have developed a passion for working hard while maintaining safety. Safety while maintaining efficiency became a priority and so I decided to become SPRAT certified (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians).
The key to high-rise building maintenance is pushing oneself to the best of their abilities and accepting the various challenges one will face. What got me hooked was the hard work, the challenge, the physicality, as well as the satisfaction after making a building look better than I found it. My goal is to really brighten the city of Boise and its surrounding communities!
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